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Cute adorable French bulldog – Vince


5 Stunning Merle French Bulldog Puppies ready to leave home at 10 weeks 

DOB –   Jan  30, 2021

Available – April 10 , 2021

Color –   Blue Merle

Mom’s Weight –      21 – 24 lbs

Dad’s Weight –     21 – 24 lbs


Each New Puppy WIll Come Home With The Following Items:

– Small starter bag of food & $5 off coupon

– Shot records / Vet check Certificate of Health

– Towel with mother’s scent

– Ball & Rope Toy

– Micro Chip Enrolment Guide

– Two Year Health Guarantee

– NuVet Supplement Starter Pack

– Newborn Puppy Birth Certificate

This  Cute adorable French bulldog, or Frenchie, is a sturdy, compact dog breed with a large head, short snout, and bat-like ears. This breed is lively, lovable, and playful. The French bulldog is a distant relative of the English bulldog; the two share some characteristics but are distinct dog breeds.

Overall, the French bulldog is a cute, affectionate dog that makes a wonderful pet for all kinds of families. Their small size means they can do well in smaller homes, but they are more sturdy than the average small dog. This is a loyal and intelligent breed that typically gets along well with children and other animals. The Frenchie is truly a joyful and friendly companion. This  Cute adorable French bulldog,

Cute adorable French bulldogBreed Overview

GROUP: Non-sporting

HEIGHT: 11 to 13 inches

WEIGHT: 19 to 28 pounds

COAT AND COLOR: Short, smooth coat in brindle, fawn, white, or combination of brindle and white or fawn and white

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10 to 12 years

Characteristics of the French Bulldog

Affection Level High
Friendliness High
Kid-Friendly Medium
Pet-Friendly Medium
Exercise Needs Low
Playfulness High
Energy Level Medium
Trainability Medium
Intelligence Medium
Tendency to Bark Medium
Amount of Shedding Medium


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